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The Ziphyo are a race of sapient, aquatic creatures currently only found near the coasts of Vardura and in the sea between Necronia and Eidyn. They rank average on the mT scale having a score of 4 on technology and a score of 5 on magic.



How foreigners think the Ziphyo look like

Ziphyo usually stand two meter (6,5 feet) tall. They have a sack-like extension at the back of their head where they store nutrients. Their two eyes are completally black and their teeth, despite all the prejudices about jagged teeth, are aligned.

They have a 1,2 meter long tail which they use to manouver in the water, membranes are located between their fingers and toes to be able to swim faster.

Ever since the invasion by Imperial Oulobann several centuries ago, many have come to think of the Ziphyo as monsters. Cold blooded creatures with no eyes and venom in their saliva that they will spit at you with every opportunity.



Relations with other racesEdit

Ziphyo are rather distrustive to races or cultures they have never met before, this was caused by the invasion by Imperial Oulobann and their discovery of Necronia.


The Ziphyo have a chant-like language which they can only perform underwater, once above water it will sound like shrieks from a dying animal left alone by its pack. They are also capable of speaking common tongue and the language native to the men of Vardura.

Known Kingdoms and groupsEdit

Known ZiphyoEdit

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