Zelkhavvus Ikozestrelec
Placeholder person
General statistics
Born 1713 NE
Affiliation Amicalis
Titles {{{title}}}
Skills/Abilities Farming, Hunting, Trapping
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'8 (1.9 meters)
Weight {{{weight}}}
Zelkhavvus Ikozestrelec is a Human farmer who lives in the mountains of Amicalis. He had many children, among which was Tigeleman, who would later become an adventurer and join the Search for the Mask of Bara.

He, like his father, was a hunter for most of his life, until his foot was caught in a bear trap in 1759 NE, forcing him to blast it off with an arquebus. While he managed to get back to his farm, he was rendered incapable of hunting. He expanded the family's farm to compensate for his inability to hunt for food.

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