The Volveros Party is a faction of the Polvora Empire founded by Anton Volveros. They are also known for starting the Volveros Revolution, a military coup against the Wesigoth Family.


The Volveros Party is firmly against the use of magic weapons because of the Royal Family's potential to abuse them. (The Royal Family consists of descendants of the Ayud Armonia, and are thus more magically capable than average.) Known for largely consisting of former privateers and pirates, the Volveros Party is known for actively seeking out magical artifacts that could be weaponized, then finding methods to destroy them.



Initially, Anton Volveros served as an admiral. During a previous unknown war, some factions were actively using magic weapons, but according to accounts, the majority of civilian causalities could be blamed on the crossfire from these artifacts.

Soon, Volveros was charged with defying orders from King Alfonso, and he was stripped of his rank. Desiring to get back at the Wesigoth family for what he saw as immoral, he started the Volveros Party, and begun to rally others to his cause.

Currently, the Volveros Party extends across the majority of the Polvora Empire's colonies including the South Nautilus Isles and the Amacata Desert.


The Loyalists, supporters of the Wesigoth family, have often accused the Volveros Party of slander and falsification of information, but with little evidence to back up their claims, the Volveros Party cannot be charged for treason. Thus, they remain active political rivals of the Royal Family.

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