Hello Erudite Tales; I'm Zeokx from the Rising Dawn Wiki and you might have heard we have become affiliates. Obviously, I became curious of Erudite Tales and I decided to look into it. I am absolutely in awe at the level of participation.

 I have a single question to ask: how do you (the people of the wiki) maintain the high levels of participation. Obviously it's a team effort, but how do you stay motivated? I absolutely love my wiki, but it's extremely hard to stay motivated (and active) when there are only myself and another Admin (Sethanic, who is awesome in a humble way I can't describe). I know it gets easier when you have new faces, so another question I find myself asking is how can I build a user base? There's probably no single, stone set secret, I suppose, but is there anything I can do besides trying to stay active?

 Thank you all!


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