As I have continued the creation of my series. I have come to realize how unfitting the old world is. I have come up witha  replacement. But would like an opinion on what you guys think.

New idea:

Before creation of the Seven Territories, there lived a tribe of clans known as the "Alzakar", these men and women (SLightly taller) had lived here for thousands of years in the way of their pantheon, which in the modern day only the Attacari worship, which is known as "The Pantheon Demonik". The idea of this pantheon was they worshipped demonic and evil gods, Nine in total, to prevent them from gaining reason to coming back to their woorld and destroying it.

Well, Sometime during the Dark Ages, humans can began to colonizee. the founding of this new land, which they called Seylander in honor of the Ponnassyus king, Emperor Sey Lenda IV, to honor him. They began to trade and the clans existed in peace for a total of over 20 Centuries. Until the Alzakar began to hunt down these humans. Fearing their sudden expansion.

A 500 Year War began, to which, all settlements of both were burned and destroyed. The Alzakar slowly died out as the humans were left homeless. The final battle "The Means of End", ended with the End of the First Century, and the Long March began with the human clansman leaving their burned and destroyed homes to find new homes.


Please tell me what you think!

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