Do you want to write like Hemingway, to become better in your craft and trade?

I have found a great program that may help you with that. This is a program that I have been using to ensure that all my articles come out pristine and nice. It is, and it is a great writing tool. Not only does it show you errors, it offers way to fix them and tells you what is wrong.

I found this tool to be very useful in all my writing, as it doesn't track words that are fictional. It is only meant to ensure that your writing improves. I love this tool. It makes a difference in your writing, and even tells you what level of writing you are at. I try to keep it at Grade 8-10 but that's me.

It also tracks hard-to-read sentences, and will remain highlighted until the sentence improves. It tracks passive voice, and helps you create more "active" sentences. This also highlights adverbs to help replace or give advice on how to improve. This thing is SUPER helpful.

Please tell me what you think of this tool, and respond below.

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