As has been discussed here, we've decided to move to a new site in order to have more control over our creations and clean up the Nexus. You can find the new site at this link: [1]

Anyway, I set up this blog to answer a couple questions. First of all, we have a lot of content to move over, and we should start planning how to pull that off. To make it easier, we might want to consider streamlining some of our content, or in other words, cleaning up. That would mean deleting a lot of our outdated stuff and reorganizing the content we're keeping significantly. Khyorgan could definitely stand a makeover.

In a comment on Kray's above-linked blog post, I mentioned an idea I had where we would turn ET into a more Khyorgan-focused project, since all our other projects seem to have been abandoned, then recycle our older, Eidyn-related content into Miraculum Chronicles, Kray's planned ET spin-off. Alternatively, we could make Eidyn into a third, separate verse. Basically, turn the planes into more discreet places, more like IH's verses than GC's planets, with travel between them being a possibility but not extremely common. This would mean significantly altering the core premise of ET, but I think it could really help redefine it in a positive way and improve the quality of the two core worlds, albeit at the expense of the others. So what do you think of that idea? Do you have any other thoughts on how or whether we should clean up the site? Should I be more clear?

Lastly, I imagine that the Volveros Revolution is going to be very important to ET's mythos and one of it's primary story arcs, but at the moment, we're soon to move to the new site and the story arc's still unfinished. What I was wondering was, should we move what we've come up with to the new site and continue working on it there with relatively little delay, wait until the move's been completed to continue working on it, finish it on the wiki before the move or work on it while we're moving? All the options have their pros and cons, but I want to know which one you guys think will work the best.

That's all I've got to say at the moment. So yeah, please comment and suggest below. I am so looking forward to this move, it's gonna be awesome, people! Let's do this!

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