I'm thinking of creating a new race, decided It'd be best to blog about it before just creating the page.

Maliekt (may change)
Placeholder person
General information
Status Thriving
Native plane TBA
Type Insect
Symmetry Symmetrical
Diet Omnivorous
Lifespan 100 years
Other distinctions Large frontal limbs with 4 massive claws, smaller middle limbs with opposably-thumbed hands. Average hight of 6'8"

So anyways, the Maliekt (just what I'm calling them for now, might change it later) are insectoid sapients with 3 sets of limbs. Their frontal limbs function as tools and have 4 long claws for diging rapidly. Their middle libs are akin to humanoid arms, and their rear libs function as legs.

Their bodies are segmented like any other insect, and are a hard shell against enemy attacks. They are omnivorous and are native to desert regions, and average at around 6'7". Their is not currently an actual nation which they rule over, and their most likley will not be one in the forseeable future.

The last empire dominated primarily by the Maliekt was a zealot monarchy which was eventually destroyed by various forces. The Maliekt currently live in various nations and often make use of their natural claws to become miners and quarry workers.

They primarily inhabit deserted areas due to the temperture and humidity being a good match to them biology-wise. They can still inhabit most regions fairly well, though some have trouble in snowy regions.

They are capable of magic-use, but slightly less magically-enpowered than humans.

So this is still a W.I.P. but tell me what you think of the idea so far.

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