Placeholder person
General statistics
Born 1745 NE (27 years old as of 1773)
Affiliation Amicalis
Titles Adventurer
Skills/Abilities Marksmanship, polearm combat, agility
Status Alive (as of 1773 NE)
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 80.3 kg (177 lb)

Tigeleman Ikozestrelec was a human adventurer from the land of Amicalis, seeking only an exciting life before death. He was notable for being one of the five adventurers to embark on the Search for the Mask of Bara.

Tigeleman was raised on a small farm in the cold wilderness of the Amicalis Mountains, the farm was unable to produce sufficient meat, so Tigeleman, like many Amicalis citizens, had to hunt, trap, and fish alongside his father and grandfather, learning how to handle crossbows and spears from a young age.

After the farm grew large enough to be self-sufficient, Tigeleman grew bored of the mundane farming life and became a professional treasure hunter, delving into dungeons and evil creatures' lairs to kill monsters and claim heaps of gold for himself.

In 1773 NE, Tigeleman traveled to Kesuma to search for the Mask of Bara alongside Percival, Gabrielle, Erebellis Took, and Harus Kalla.


Tigeleman was generally confident, cheerful, resolute, high-energy, and sanguine, though sometimes oblivious to the gravity of situations. Tigeleman did not tell the other members of the group when Erebellis took began following them, nor did he seem too concerned about the many dangers of the island.

While his fellow adventurers were occasionally annoyed by his lack of appreciation for the seriousness of various situations, his practical and realistic advice served the adventuring party well on several instances.

Tigeleman advised the rest of the team not to dwell on the risk from the mask of Bara until they had actually reached it, and convinced Gabrielle to forgo her people's traditions of not eating meat in the interest of keeping up her strength to survive the dangerous of Kesuma.


Tigeleman was an excellent marksman and used a crossbow throughout his time in Kesuma to fight against the Lagoonites that attacked the Sidonia and the stone giants who had to be vanquished using the Mask of Bara to avoid it from killing it's holder.

Tigeleman relied on polearms in close-quarter combat and carried a magically enchanted spear with him that would return to him if it was lost or thrown. Tigeleman's spear was not adequate for slashing things open or hacking plantlife aside, but it was very useful in spearfishing.

Tigeleman was also a skilled tracker and discovered Gabrielle's tracks in the mud after she left with a Halfling to a halfling village. In addition, Tigeleman has a keen sense for things of value, and reasoned that a Meruap (a slimy creature native to Kesuma's swampy regions) would be valuable in some way if he could recover one.

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