A Mulciber


Depended on species

Average height and weight

Generally ranged from 20 feet tall to almost 200 feet with the more ancient Terrae, and their weight vastly ranged from about 300 pounds to almost 1000 in some cases.


For hundreds of years, possibly thousands before they were wiped out.

Terrae were prehistoric beasts created by Krayhan during the first throes of the world, older than even the most ancient Elysian races and interacting with some of the oldest Protogenoi Dragons. Much like the dinosaurs of Real Life, they were all wiped out and made extinct during an unknown span of time. Nomtharing was recorded to have only said it was a time of darkness and fire during their extinction and had quickly dropped the subject. However, their existence is felt on the world through Linnworms and skeletal remains. Recently scholars have found scrolls of unknown origin that have described several species of Terrae, though certainly not all of them.

Species of TerraeEdit

(Anyone can add to this list)

  • Mulciber: Semi-sapient "lizardmen", mulciber were apparently numerous during the prehistoric age. They lived in packs of around fifty and apparently knew how to forge primitive weapons out of iron using heat from their bodies as a forge.
  • Ignachii: Primate-like beasts, ignachii lived solitary lives and had similar volcanic bodies like the mulciber. They spat lava at potential enemies and apparently had two heads that worked in conjunction.
  • Caelnox: Originally an unknown species, the Caelnox were infused with the ether at some point or another and became an entirely new species. Then they became able to teleport, and used that to trap and corner prey. It is said that some Caelnox still exist on other planes, though this isn't verified.

Oinos, Lord of the TerraeEdit

Among the Terrae there existed a vast, powerful being known as Oinos. Not much is known about him except that he was possibly one of the first life forms to exist in Erudite, and certainly among the most powerful. It is thought it might have been him who caused the end of the Terrae, though whether he died along with the Terrae or just went into hiding to avoid the gods is disputed on.

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