Tarrasques, also known as the Earthborn, are an elysian race formed from the very ground itself by Krayhan. They were said to be formed in order to protect nature from being overrun by technology, but after their extinction the elves took up their mantle.


A typical tarrasque was about six feet in height, though there were records of even larger tarrasques that were often seen as blessed by Krayhan. Their bodies were rock-like, with extremely rugged skin and stony protrusions. Their faces were almost completely featureless except for eyes and a rarely opened mouth (tarrasques would generally communicate through sign language or keep notebooks handy to write down what they wanted to convey, as it was hard for them to speak or pronounce words), and they had no ears or nose. They also usually wore very little, mostly consisting of leather pants and a sling around their impressive torsos to carry items and such.


Due to their task given to them by Krayhan, their culture revolved itself around nature and the need to protect it. Any act a tarrasque did was in consideration of it, and those who harmed it were often shunned. Even if the damage was by accident, it would take quite a while before a tarrasque would forgive the offender. They also had a high tolerance for most new ideas, as long as it didn't damage the environment, and as a result by the end of their time tarrasque culture had become quite varied in most aspects.

Relations with other racesEdit

Tarrasque had a neutral relationship in terms of other elysian races, though they tended to view the Behthids as extremists. They have a good reputation with the Manish races as they formed them (originally to be servants, but later as companions). They absolutely hated the Moroitos, who destroyed them along with the other elysian races they destroyed.


Tarrasques used sign language to talk with each other, which has been lost with the tarrasque race's disappearance.

Known KingdomsEdit

It is thought they had independent kingdoms wherever mountains occured, though this is only a theory.

Known TarrasqueEdit

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