The Skullwakener is an undead that appears as a floating, robed skeleton. A Skullwakener's main form of attack is to attempt to take control of the bodies of a victim and use it to do its bidding, which can include stealing a holy item from a temple so it can attack it, to even attacking the victim's own comrades. If that fails, or if the victim's comrades can free the victim, it'll attack with sharp, bony talons. A Skullwakener can only be killed with Maj, which it is highly vulnerable to.


Skullwakeners can get into the minds of sentient beings and control their bodies. This, however, only effects the body: the mind is fully aware of what's going on. This means that if the individual is freed, they're likely to feel enormous guilt over what they did.

Also, skullwakeners are powerful necromancers, able to raise undead to defend themselves, even if reaching into an opponent's mind.


Magic, especially Restoration Type or Light Attribute Magic, is extremely effective against skullwakeners; they only seem to be aided by Necromancy or Dark Magic.

In addition to being weak to Magic, a skullwakener cannot as effectively hypnotize mages. However, it is not impossible for them to take total control, it merely takes longer. This, however, means that the mage's comrades can either snap the mage out of it more easily, or kill the skullwakener themselves before the mage is taken over.

Moreover, they can only concentrate on one victim at a time, leaving itself vulnerable to attack if it is facing a party. Therefore, it usually uses more generic forms of undead for protection when attempting to control a victim.


  • The appearance of the Skullwakener is inspired by the D&D Crypt Thing. Its behavior, however, is more akin to an Illithid.


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