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Shadow Council
The 7 members of the Shadow Council

Member of Mrigae

Arethan Hilkirth

Member of Rhovhanion and Dhelarushick


Member of Obreidhion

Taigran Nemophis

Member of Bossnirivhonicanioklythorn

Methrao Lesinderl

Member of Andavronia

Plavio Averius

Member of Lexighor and Yamtherici

Nerx Vandel

Member of Xen'hivith

Ilya Nemathes

"You are naught but vermin cowering in the dirt, thinking, what I wonder. That you might escape the death that will haunt you for all eternity? No! Your creations will burn until its foundations are nothing but ruins! And not even your greatest invention will halt our quest while we walk over your corpses. For your destruction is the will of the overlord, and we? We are his eyes and ears!


Arethan Hilkirth giving his speech after reveiling his true identity

The Shadow Council is the group of individuals who lead the Shadow Force, they have complete control over all Shadow Force activity in Khyorgan and are said to be in contact with another plane.


The Council consist of 7 members who each have a part of Khyorgan to control.

Member of MrigaeEdit

While nobody is capable of nearing the island Mrigae the Head of the council, Arethan Hilkirth, has assigned himself to this region as he believes it is filled with ancient relics of great power.

Member of Rhovhanion and DhelarushickEdit

Rhovhanion and its smaller continent are being supervised by Zavas'ithen-Dervhak, he has influences inside the Rhovhanic Magocracy and has the ability to alter his appearance enabling him to disguise himself with ease.

Member of ObreidhionEdit

Obreidhion, being a wasteland, seemingly had not much potential for the Shadow Force, but when a spokesman of Taigran Nemophis succesfully contacted the Shadow Force they found the hidden potential. Now they have influence in the Enilef and the Sand Elven government.

Member of BossnirivhonicanioklythornEdit

A well known High Elven criminal leader Methrao Lesinderl was contacted by the Shadow Force to represent them in 'the jungle'. This was an offer he could not resist and thus his power and personal wealth has increased beyond imagination, he was responsible for the death of a famous High Elven politician.

Member of AndavroniaEdit

The traiter Plavio Averius wanted to take revenge on the Andavronian Empire for unknown reasons and allied with the Shadow Force, because the Andavronian citizenry is patriotic it was hard to find someone who would pledge his allegiance to the Shadow Force. They usually recruit foreigners for jobs as Andavronian citizens, even mercenaries, refuse to attack the Empire.

Member of Lexighor and YamthericiEdit

The Orcish Nerx Vandel wished for his brethern to see the land beyond the mountains where they could pillage and kill as they have never done before, he was easy to convince to join the Shadow Force and now prepares an army strong enough to counter the Lexighor Crusade.

Member of Xen'hivithEdit

The general Ilya Nemathes was asked to join the Shadow Force, while at first she had no intentions on joining she eventually accepted the offer and began to relay information to the Shadow Force.

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