The Setting guide is an overview that explains how the universe of Erudite is different from our universe. While it is a fantasy setting, it abides by a series of consistent rules.


Erudite takes place in a different universe than that of our own, and as such, it has different physical laws, the key thing being that magic is possible. Erudite also consists of multiple separate existences also known as either planes or realms which exist simultaneously on top of one another. Erudite itself is fairly Earth-like although the adjacent realms tend to be more bizarre.

In the past, all realms existed within the same plane until an event known as the Shattering which split it apart.


Main article: Magic

Magic is an energy force that allows one to bend reality. It is done by channeling energy from an otherworldy force by utilizing cosmic energies. Magic is the basis of numerous civilizations, although some choose not to use it. It expends the user's life energy, but continuous use of magic will generate crystals known as ekati, which can be used as a source of magic other than life energy. Ekati can also be found naturally, and Erudite sees it in great abundance.

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