Portals are areas within space-time that connect two remote areas to one another.

Inner workingsEdit

They function by converting an object from material to ethereal, then sending it along a natural corridor formed by a nebula which touches both destinations. That is, travel via portals is limited by the same nebulae encompassing both locations.


Because nebulae have slowly been dissipating since the Shattering, portals are becoming much more difficult to find, but in the early eras, mortals were able to use them to travel across all of Erudite in a short amount of time. When interplanar ships were invented, an effort was made to rebuild these fading nebulae to connect the various planes more easily, thus promoting trade and travel.

Known portalsEdit

  • Mushroom portals - These portals are made of a species of fungus that derives nourishment from absorbing space-time, then sowing their seeds by scattering them along the nebula which they interact with. One who is in close proximity to them will be teleported as a result. One known specimen exists connecting Eidyn and Ishtar.
  • The Triangle - Marked by three separate islands, the Triangle is a region found both in Eidyn's and Khyorgan's oceans. Sea travelers would sail in between these isles and be transported to the opposite plane.

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