The Ponayassus Continent, also known as the "The Far Continent", is the largestknown landmass on Ethos. It remains largely unpopulated, though in reality the continent does hold life and cities exist along the watery edges of the continent, but only south of the Vasseus Desert.


Before the Undying Season, the continent was once inhabinted by many civiliazations and countries that, seemingly, stayed at peace and calm amongst their varying differences. It is spoken of "chapels and cathedrals that stretched to heaven", and "cities that spread like plains and covered whole nations". Much of the current population, as of today, is presumably far more primitive to the newly industrialized and self-sufficient nations that exist in Seylandor.

The Burges' often view the people as subhumans, while other cultures such as the Ard and Ossorians believe them to be merely primitive, or feral humans. It has been recorded that expeditions to Ponayassus have been executed by the Burgess royalty.

Many expeditions have proved fruitless in joining cultures, however have discovered new and unseen fauna and fish that had never been recorded before the exodus.

Even with the welfare, new medicine, and technology current, expeditions on the Vasseus Desert has claimed numerous lives and revealed a harsh ecosystem which seems unending. Colonization has been deemed by almost all scholars to be incredibly difficult or impossible.

Such creatures that have been seen in the ocean are massive sea serpents that range from 20 to 100 feet long and krakens. Fish possessing poisonous quills that fly and land on the decks of ships, and large birds, black in color with razor sharp feathers and teeth, known to eat whole sailors. These creatures are deemed on of the many causes for difficult expeditions. Not much of the land has been recorded. The longest recorded expedition was preformed by a group of 80 sailors, and lasted over 2 months, with only seven returning alive and well, and 6 dying from diseases unknown.

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