Featured articles are considered the best articles on the wiki. There are two main categories of featured articles: Factual and Story.

Nominating an articleEdit

Nominations can be proposed either in the comments section of the chosen article or during wiki chat. A consensus will be held immediately after the proposal.

General criteriaEdit

  • Must be a content page. No guides or wiki pages should be featured.
  • Nomination is not your own article. We encourage users to seek out other articles other than their own.
  • Article is not a stub. It is thoroughly detailed and has been spellchecked.
  • For factual articles, article content must appear in at least one story.

Factual articlesEdit

An article is eligible to be considered featured if it is very detailed and informative with a relative degree of completeness. The Omniverse ET Wiki is fantasy themed, but it still has to be believable and consistent.

It may be wise to check out some of the articles that have already been featured to become inspired, though it is never a good idea to directly copy ideas from them. Lastly, be creative and have fun editing your article.

Current featured factual articlesEdit

None at this time.

Nominated featured factual articlesEdit

None at this time.


A good story is well-written and successfully immerses the reader into the fictional world. The criteria is generally the same as factual articles. It should be able to plausibly occur. That is, avoid Mary Sue characters, plot holes and deus ex machina.

You may use other stories on the wiki for inspiration, but it is never a good idea to copy ideas. Just be creative and have fun with it.

Current featured storiesEdit

None at thist ime.

Nominated featured storiesEdit

None at this time.

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