Nakranite Ikozestrelec
Placeholder person
General statistics
Born 1689
Affiliation Amicalis
Titles {{{title}}}
Skills/Abilities Farming, Hunting, Trapping
Status Deceased
Species Half Human, half Valansyojæ
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Weight {{{weight}}}
Nakranite Ikozestrelec was a half-human, half-Valansyojæ farmer in Amicalis. He worked as a merchant like his Valansyojæ father, but later decided the career was too unstable, taking the seeds and plants he was trading and used them to start a farm in the mountains.

Nakranite later married a full-blood human who lived in a cabin near his farm, and fathered several children, most notably Zelkhavvus Ikozestrelec. The farm was still quite small, so he became a trapper and hunter, and taught his children how to hunt and trap as well.

In 1767 NE, the farm was robbed in the night by two brothers, Nakranite discovered the younger brother, and in a fit of rage slammed a woodcutting axe into his head, prompting the older brother to shoot Nakranite with a bow, piercing his lung. Zelkhavvus then shot the older brother in the chest with an arquebus, killing him instantly.

Nakranite is buried in the farm's private cemetary, next to his wife and parents (who retired to the farm in their final few years).

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