The Scourge of Shurrupak



Date of Birth

Sometime in the Creation Era

Date of Death





Protogenoi Dragon

Mordraut, also known as the Scourge of Shurrupak and the Devil, was one of the first Protogenoi Dragons and their second ruler. He was the mate of Shurrupak, who was the first ruler of the Dragons, but he overthrew and murdered his husband and became the king. He was responsible for the Protogenoi Civil War when he decided not to do anything about the coming Shattering, and he attempted to commit the genocide of the mortal races in order to demoralize the rebels. Aladryn, leader of the rebels, fought and badly wounded him, though Aladryn himself was mortally wounded in the fight, and Mordraut was forced to go into hiding so he could heal from his wounds. To this day, his location is a mystery, but it is feared that if or when he awakens, he will destroy Erudite in his rage.


At the beginning of time, Ouroboros created Shurrupak and Mordraut as the first and the rulers of the Protogenoi Dragons. Shurrupak was made to be the more powerful of the two, but Mordraut envied his mate and eventually slew him, becoming the ruler of the Protogenoi Dragons. As the king, he grew increasingly corrupt, insane and paranoid.

When the Drakons learned of the Shattering, they held council to determine whether they should take action to prevent it. It was decreed that no action would be taken lest they make the damage even worse, enraging several of the Protogenoi. Mordraut's right-hand commander, Aladryn, led a rebellion in an attempt to save the mortal races of Erudite from destruction. Enraged, Mordraut decreed that the mortal races for which the rebels fought be slain so that they would have nothing left to fight for.

Though countless billions of mortals were slain, the rebels fought on, and if anything, Mordraut's attempt to demoralize them made them even more eager to fight. Aladryn ultimately engaged Mordraut in hand-to-hand combat. Both were badly wounded, Aladryn soon dying and Mordraut retreating to heal from his injuries. To this day, he remains hiding and recuperating, enraged and insane and seeking to destroy all of erudite in his boundless wrath.

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