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August 29, 2013
  • I live in the TARDIS (I wish...)
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is saving worlds, rescuing civilizations, defeating terrible creatures and doing an awful lot of running.
  • I am yet another Wholockian.
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  • Say where could I get/download the picture that's the Wiki's current background? It's attractive

    If you don't know, that's fine

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  • Hey there! I'm HiddenVale. I is this Wikia simply about a fantasy world you came up with? If so, nice work! (I'm a fantasy-world maker myself)

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    • Oh, you mean (by the Bible reference) Seraphs and Cherubs?

      Sure, I guess Azrieth Angels could have another technical name. But I'd still call them Angels, just as Orcs are Orcs, and Elves Elves, and Gnomes Gnomes, and Gnolls Gnolls, and Ogres Ogres, etc.

      Then depending on what pages of those races in other planes already exist, I'll name the page for those who are in Azrieth Elves (Azrieth) or Orges (Azrieth), for example. Or add an "Azrieth" section to the "Elf" page on this Wiki, if that page exists.

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    • What I mean is, if this is a separate kind of angel unrelated to the ones on Caelum, then they should have different names. If, on the other hand, we choose to collaborate and make them both the same kind of Angel (an idea I'd definitely be open to) then they wouldn't even need separate pages, let alone different names!

      (Excuse the grammar, my iPad is hlitching out and I van't see what I'm typing)

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  • wanna meet up?

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  • It has come to my attention that my empires priorly on This page hath been unlawfully removed without notification to me.

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  • Hi, welcome to Erudite Tales! Thanks for your edit to the Erudite page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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