Matharian Empire
Placeholder person
Location Mildhurian, Gomchar Sea, Obreidhion
Size Unknown
Status active
Capital Mildhurian City
Official language Matharian, Tauryan, Commontongue
Demonym Matharian
Population Unknown
Race Human, Halfling, Elf, Kitsune
Government Monarchy
Legislature Unknown
Head of State Unknown
Head of Government Unknown
Established Unknown
Disestablished unknown
Preceded by Kingdom of Taurya
Succeeded by unknown
Annexations Kingdom of Taurya

The Matharian Empire is a powerful Khyorganese empire centred on the island of Mildhurian, founded by and named for the legendary King Matharis IV. Their military power was recently the envy of all Khyorgan. They are considerably weaker due to the battering they took in the War of Khyorgan, but they are recovering and still proud.





  • An ancient prophecy made by the Root Carvers tells that an empire at the centre of the world will one day be struck down by Demons. Some have theorized this referred to the disastrous Battle of the Dragon's Mountain, but others think that the prophecy has not yet been fulfilled…

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