Magnus I
A marble bust of Magnus I



Date of Birth

4 B.R. (Before the Crowning of Rhaedestus)

Date of Death

50 A.R.






Emperor of Valorum, Lord Protector of Valorum, King of the Riverlands and Warden of Ragolith.


Empire of Valorum


Rhaedestus (Province), Valorum

Magnus I was the second son of Rhaedestus and the brother of Telthis I. He succeeded his brother, as his brother left no issue. Magnus was, by all accounts, a gluttonous emperor. He cared little for the management of his empire, leaving that to trusted advisors. Magnus far preferred to spend his time hunting and revelling. ==Appearance== Magnus was a large, jovial man. In stark contrast to his brother and father, Magnus did not possess the stern features of either of them, and instead had a look of good-naturedness about him most of the time.


After his ascension in 47 A.R., Magnus engaged in numerous pleasures and left the governance of the realm to a select few trusted individuals. His reign was unremarkable, but is perhaps best remembered for the rise in corruption in the imperial establishment. Perhaps ironically, Magnus died while hosting a large feast, choking to death in front of his guests who looked helplessly onward. He died at the age of 54 and was succeded by his son, Magnus II.

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