Lunar Atoll is a tropical island in the South Nautilus Isles home to the Moon Elf astromancers known as Order of Triselene.

Points of interestEdit

Great ObservatoryEdit

As Lunar Atoll developed into its own unique society over hundreds of years, an observatory was built on the island's highest mountain. The purpose of this observatory was to discover new stars and planets to channel power from as much of the order's culture relies on astromancy. The Observatory also doubles as a library to document the lists of stars they have found.

Five ObelisksEdit

The Five Obelisks are conduits for magical power designed to generate enormous amounts of magical energy during a syzygy, or a planetary alignments. These were not actually created by the Moon Elves, but instead by ancient Segarans to help create enormous ekati crystals for their floating cities. While there are other similar groups of obelisks throughout the isles, the ones on Lunar Atoll are the last remaining ones that still function. The first syzygy occurred when the Moon Elves arrived on Lunar Atoll, and the next one is due sometime during the Volveros Revolution.

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