Llyn Dragonmen are water-loving dragonmen. They live amid the waves and the ocean shores with other water races like sea elves and seaside human communities. Llyn Dragonmen can fight underwater as skillfully as on land and their usual weapons include spears, nets, and throwing knives.


Llyn Dragonmen have the same basic biology and looks of a normal dragonman, however; there are some small differences. A Llyn's scale coloring is from a light bluish silver to a dark azure, almost black. Sometimes Llyn dragonmen are mistaken for Cysgodol dragonmen when it comes to this dark coloring, something that annoys both groups greatly. Also, Llyn dragonmen have small gills behind their ears, which allows them to breathe underwater to a certain extent, up to around 40 feet underwater, after which the pressure is too great for the gills to handle and they close. Llyn hands and feet are also slightly webbed. Also Llyn dragonmen, unlike the other dragonmen, have no trace of vestigial wings.


Llyn Dragonmen society is based on family and community – and although females can and do wield power within their community they are usually patriarchal. Noble families rule, but in a benign and loose fashion rather than with an iron fist. Families or individuals may own their dwelling but most other property is held in common. Such communal ownership means theft is almost unknown, though if discovered significant punishment is often due. Llyn culture also dictates that every person in the community has a job, even small children.

Llyn dragonmen almost always are near water, unless forced to be relocated otherwise. This is because they hold a special connection to the water, and the very presence of it nearby is enough to have a Llyn community refuse to move. Llyn dragonmen are proficient with water magic, but rarely use it unless for self-defense. This is because they feel that trying to take control of water from its natural movements is dangerous as it can cause damage to the environment.

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