Heznland is a region located between Valorum and Eidyn, and west of the Outlands. Heznland's volcanic activity and rampant piracy render it a no-go for travel between Eidyn and Valorum.

The areas of Heznland not near volcanoes are full of plains and mountains, and have been home to a few civilizations. Krizovism started in Heznland and much of the region came under the control of the Empire of the Red Tower during it's colonial heyday.

After the fall of the Empire of the Red Tower, Heznland became a home to pirates and bandits who made the towers and fortresses of the empire into their bases of operation.

On it's borders with Valorum, Heznland borders the provinces of Capraecia and the Bosana Plains and the territory of the Outlands. The Stoboq Wood and the Collosals mountain range create natural barriers on Heznland's south and east side, respectively.

On it's Eidynese border, Heznland shares a border with the Outerlands, Leir,the Verdant Wilderness, and Shuang. The Ling Mountains create a natural border between Heznland and the Verdant Wilderness.

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