Hector Esquieza (also Diablo Esquieza, c. --- - ---), better known as Esquieza of the Black Sailors, was a notorious Polvoran pyrate who operated around Kesuma, and Karang-Batu before moving to the Peninsula del Gibral. He was born somewhere within the Polvoran Empire, though many of his younger recorders were destroyed during the Volveros Revolution. He was a privateer, and a sailor-of-war until five years before the Volveros Revolution.

He sailed under a pyrates flag aboard a private ship recorded as "Barango's Folly", whose crew joined him after mutiny against fellow, future pyrate, Thomas Edwardson, for cowardice. Esquieza was often seen with many ships, three at the most and has recorded being seen with many famous pyrates of his time such as Brazilliano Roche, Kyn Beck , and Benjamin Lowe. He was thought to have been killed via hanging after the Volveros Revolution, but inside started the Black Sailors Concordant. He was finally defeated in ---, during a fight with Admiral Duncan Warpol.

His body was buried at sea, and his ship torched at the battle site before crumbling into the sea. Legends have it that he continues to live on near Kesuma and Karang-Batu as a ghost aboard a burning ship, which has become a rare, but not unrecorded sight in those waters.

Early LifeEdit

Privateering Karang-BatuEdit


Mutiny and PyracyEdit


Supposed Death and the ConcordantEdit


Folly and DeathEdit


Aftermath and LegacyEdit




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