Gunpowder is a substance often used in the creation of explosives. More often, it is used by technology-oriented civilizations as a means of defending themselves against the more magically oriented ones. The secrets of gunpowder were discovered as early as 3000 AS.


Gunpowder itself is a mixture of potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal mixed in a ratio depending on the use. Potassium nitrate can be found within soil rich in organic matter while sulfur can be found in hot springs.


Flintlock pistolEdit

A handheld gun that makes use of the flintlock mechanism. When in the "cocked" position, the trigger will set off a spring-loaded hammer that strikes a piece of flint to ignite the powder inside.


A gun designed for infantry. It is a long gun fired from the shoulder.


A handheld explosive that is often used to attack enemies hiding behind walls.


Cannons are large mounted guns sitting atop two wheels. They fire metallic cannonballs, and are designed as artillery weapons.

Gatling gunEdit

Gatling guns is one of the first rapid-fire weapons. Mounted on two large wheels, they requires one to crank it.

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