Greater Evil is a story that starts off "The Chronicles of Odeous". Odeous the lich meets a mass murderer in a tavern who challenges his reputation.

Chapter OneEdit

"The Skinny Servant". A tavern that has seen better days in the past. Today however seemed to be quiet. Not a single sound coming from inside apart from a man grumpily drinking a beer in a pint glass. The man was skinny, almost down to the bone with no muscle or fat. They were extremely pale, or at least their hands were as they were dressed in clothing that covered the rest of them completely. Trousers made of cloth that were tightened with a belt at the top to stay on the skinny frame. A small shirt that was baggy on the man that was underneath a large fisherman's coat that went from the back of their legs up past his neck with a large collar. Wrinkles on his face told of ages and many years, while his eyes were a deep blue that was darker than the ocean in a storm. His wiry hair was a mess shoved on top of his head, scrambled and unevenly cut.

The man sat on a wooden stool next to the bar. Then the floorboards creaked behind the man. The man sitting down put down his glass and pivoted on his chair slowly to face whatever made the sound of creaking. As the decrepit man looked up he saw a big burly demon of a creature.

"Hello, old friend." says the demon with red skin. Standing tall with three horns on their head they walk towards the old man with a curved dagger in hand.

"Too long, it has truly been." says the old man in a gravelly voice while coughing. "Now tell me, what have you been up to in recent years, Akask?" he asks the demon. They looked at each other, the old man seeing no reflection from the black eyes of the demon.

"The conquering of several nations would be an answer, if we were successful." Akask says with a sullen look on his face as he grabs another stool and sits next to the man. "Is this your work?" he points around the tavern and several different areas.

"Yes, my handy work." the old man says with a chuckle. "It's getting harder to do when that damned corporation is around!" he shouts while looking at a poster advertising the UOFPEERS (an political government which supports the rights of undead & extra-planar beings).


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