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Gerburgian Guard
Arkamni aesthetic armor by robotlouisstevenson-d3a936y
A regular Gerburgian Guard on the left whilst the Guard on the right is an officer.


County of Srednalf


Mithril armor with golden decorations


-50 cm long, slightly curved sword
-Mithril tipped, hollow steel spear
-Firmwooden bow with string made of Firmline

The Gerburgian Guards are, as their name suggests, from the city of Gerburg. They are the best trained soldiers in the poorly organised military of Srednalf and are equiped with some of the finest armor. Their origin dates back from the birth of the County as they then served as the first established militia, now they are the bravest and most courageous found in all of Srednalf. Those who serve under the Guard must take an oath to protect the County and its count with their lives, for if they don't, may Serafina be merciful to their souls.

Those who wish to join the Guard must have some skill with magic and learn a transparancy spell that allows them to see through the closed helmet. Many small holes are at the side of the helmet to ensure the wearer does not kill himself by carbon poisening



The Gerburgian Guard's armor is made in a very unlikely fashion, the designer of the most recent armor had a combination of aesthetics, agility and protection in mind while creating it. Extensive research was made to discover the most vulnerable locations during a swordfight and where a swordfighter is likely to hit despite that specific part not being a weak point.


The weapons wielded by the Guard are crafted by the finest Srednalfian smiths who have been tutored in the art by the Dwarves, while the weapon not being as strong as a weapon crafted by Dwarven smiths, the weapons are of a slightly better quality than most weapons crafted by Men.


As mentioned before, the Guard dates back from the creation of the County and its sovereignity when it revolted against an unknown civilization. Being the first militia to be established and playing an important role during the first few years of the County's existance.


The picture was made by Robotlouisstevenson, you can check out more of his work on the links.

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