Gallowglass is a type of super-heated rock that forms near volcanoes or deep underground. It is often mistaken as Hephaestus.


Gallowglass is, like stated above, rock that has been super-heated due either to volcanic activity or from the pressure deep underground. Though it has the appearance of glass, it is about as strong as iron and almost transparent. Because of this, it is forged into weapons or supplemental armor. Because of its transparency, warriors who use gallowglass weapons must learn a special way to fight known as the "Hollow Form" which uses the transparency for trickery and combative advantage. However; gallowglass is still very dangerous. In mines, gallowglass sticking out of veins have the tendency to fall at unexpected moments, as unrefined gallowglass is very fragile. Because of this, it is common for a miner to get his head sliced half-off by a falling shard of gallowglass. Not only that, but if a weapon of gallowglass ever breaks, the shards will probably kill both the attacker and the wielder.


  • The name was inspired from a word from Macbeth: "Gallowglasses".

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