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Gaius Ithilius



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Emperor of the Andavronian Empire


Andavronian Empire




Aradesh, Andavronia


Gaius Ithilius is the current emperor of the Andavronian Empire. He is Andavronian from birth having been born in Aradesh, there he lived a secluded life being surrounded by guards and the walls, he always dreamt of the world beyond the Aradashian Ringwall.



Gaius Ithilius showing off with Sunflare

Early LifeEdit

Gaius was the firstborn son of Quintus Ithilius, he lived a luxurious life behind the Aradeshian Ringwall and received everything he wanted. But he felt isolated from the rest of the world, people respected him out of fear for his future title. He used to sneak out of the upper ring and blend among the population of Aradesh where he came into contact with the rare poverty in the Empire, when his father discovered this he ordered a guardian angel to watch over his son. This person was Marelius Pontius, a Gray Cloak who died when assassins snuck into the imperial palace, and protected Gaius with his life to the very end.

Ascension to the throneEdit

Gaius's father died at the hands of assassins when he was only 17 and thus he received total control over the Empire, his first words were "...I am emperor...of the greatest nation to excist...and all my decisions will be for the greater good of the Empire!". He gave the control over the Empire to the senate for 3 years while he studied politics and tactics in order to improve his chances of being a powerful emperor.

Reign as the EmperorEdit

Gaius has made several important decisions in the history of the Empire, he ordered the aggresive expansion and the Lexighon Crusade.

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