A serpentine Fey


from five to twenty five feet tall


Hostile and territorial, even to their own kind.


Just about anywhere, though they tend to be attracted to areas with high magic energy.

A creature made up entirely of magic energy and a ekati core, a fey is a supernatural creature that can take many forms though it does prefer a single one. Fey are formed when a magic spell hits ekati that already has full magical energy. The spell's magic then forms around the ekati and a fey is born.

Fey can and often attack any being they see alive, including other fey. Though they don't have true physical bodies, they feed on beings with magical energy. Though they have to hunt many beasts to get the required energy, one mage can "feed" up to three fey at once. Because of this, fey sometimes gather in dysfunctional packs in order to take down prey that is hard to fight. Usually the pack breaks up after the kill, unless bound to stay together, and even then they will fight amongst one another.

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