Etherships are airborne vessels used to travel the ether. The most modern versions originated at the start of the Interplanar Era when more and more nebulae begun to dissipate, thus reducing the amount of functioning portals.


Etherships have several components - the most crucial being the Ekati Core which is composed of enaren ekati. This rare resource found in the cores of planes is very difficult to come by. The core is essential for protecting the ship from the lethal material destroying properties of the ether. Propulsion can be done by a number of methods through traditional burning of fuel to something more magical in nature. One particular cheap method is to use groups of mages to generate the energy.

The most interesting locations within Erudite are often separated by long stretches of nothingness, and thus, they require faster means of travel which traditional propulsion cannot achieve in a practical amount of time. One method is known as nebula sowing, the artificial creation of nebula-based corridors to allow for the creation of portals. An ethership equipped with the right magitek can become immaterial and travel along these corridors to reach the destination.

Nations that use ethershipsEdit

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