Ether is the void between planes. The ether remains largely unexplored as the only means of travelling through it are either through teleportation or an ethership.


The ether, being the void between planes, is generally empty. The ether, while still containing oxygen, is composed of an odd form of energy which obliterates any matter that touches it. Only the gravitational field generated from enaren ekati, the material which composes the cores of planes, is capable of neutralizing the effects of the ether.

In the past, the entirety of the ether was contained within the United Plane's core. During the Demon-Moroitos War, the ether was released to save the universe from being destroyed permanently, and its release across the entirety of Erudite is the reason why the world was separated into countless fragments.


Planes are very far apart, and large fragments the size of Eidyn and Khyorgan are considered rare. The majority of planes are no more than 100 miles across.


  • Atzairua: A isle made almost completely out of solid metal, Atzairua is the location of Baolei, the City of Iron. Baolei is a militaristic Moon Elf city bent on total domination of all travel through the ether. Though their fleet isn't exactly large, it is powerful and not to be trifled with. Currently there is a resistance group in the city hoping to overthrow the dictatorship controlling the city for something better.
  • Hautsi Islands: A group of ether-isles that are connected to one another by bridges and stone arches. Though small villages do dot the islands, they aren't united and each village has their own set of rules. The only rule that every village agreed to was to not go to war with each other, that has been in effect for two hundred years.
  • Beira: Known as the Glass Acre, this small isle is known to be completely made of glass. This was because this island used to be part of a larger plane that had been partially turned to glass thanks to a massive spell gone awry. When Suntsitzeagal started devouring the universe, it was this plane he devoured first, resulting in its shattering. Only Beira was left standing, with the single city Korvus upon it.
  • Bythigir: Sometimes refered to as the Craddle, this island is particulary large and civilisations who know of its existance debate whether or not it is a plane or Ether island. It has a small variety of biomes and houses a handfull of creatures. The 2 nations there fight for control of the resources left on the island.

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