The Dread Boar is a large species of Suid, wooly and possessing large tusks.

Wild boar

a Dread Boar


: Creator:

User:Majoras revenge!!!

: Other Titles:

beasts of the forest.

: habitats:


: Min Size

5ft tall 6ft long

: Mean Size

6ft tall 9ft long

: Max Size

8ft tall 18ft long


Dread boars are large beasts whos' tusks can cause severe damage, these tusks are very valuable to many cultures.


Dread Boards feed primarily on fruit, vegetables, small creaturs, and some mushrooms.

Importance to civilized culturesEdit

Dread Boars are often considered only as a crop destroying monster, feared and fled from. Only to larger creatures, such as Dragons and Golems are they considered a food source.


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