The Demon-Moroitos War was a catastrophic conflict that resulted in the destruction of the United Plane and the destruction of the Moroitos Empire.


Start of the warEdit

The Moroitos Empire was a powerful empire consisting of the Elysian race known as the Moroitos. Being perfect, the Moroitos tried to perfect the universe and all of its beings. This caused the balance of the universe to begin faltering, weakening the seal on Suntsitzeagal and allowing him to begin entering the universe. Because the seal was weakening, the Demons were called upon by the gods to stop the threat of the empire.

Battle with GezurraEdit

For 26 long years the war was fought, until the Demons and Moroitos reached a stalemate. In order to end the war, the Moroitos created a massive mechanical dragon called Gezurra to destroy the Demons. Brimming with primitive Magitek weapons and a plethora of magic spells it threatened to end the war in the Moroitos favor. In a last ditch effort, a small team of Demons were able to enter the beast and stab its core with Parean ekati and destroy the beast from the inside from the black hole formed from the negation.


With the threat of the Great Old One drawing near, the two sides had to form a truce in order to save Erudite from being permanently destroyed.

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