Also known as the Elder Gods, the Council of Divines consist of the first twelve divine entities to be born after the Shattering. In charge of overseeing the affairs of the universe from the perspective of the gods, each member of the Council of Divines began as genies and grew powerful by absorbing cosmic energy within the Pillars of Creation. Most gods of modern Erudite serve the Council of Divines. Despite this, mortals rarely ever worship the Elder Gods preferring to follow the Council's subordinates.

List of Elder GodsEdit

Unlike most gods, the Elder Gods are not entirely rooted around worldly elements as they were all born in locations distant from any contact with mortals or any physical planes. Each have distinctive personalities, and they assumed the role of the Council due to their expertise and intelligence.

  • Maximus - Maximus was the first to be born from the cosmic energy of the Pillars of Creation. Although he is one of the oldest beings still alive today, he is far younger than the existence of the mortal races. The ideas of good and evil were a foreign concept for him. Curious and inquisitive, Maximus is very calm and collected at all times. While he sees mortals on a similar scale as ants, he is very respectful to all living things regardless of their power.
  • Vigorus - Vigorus is the second god to be born after the Shattering. Contrasting Maximus, Vigorus is lively and energetic and the second-in-command. He desires to make the universe interesting by shifting the balance to tell the best stories. When he was younger, he often interfered with mortal affairs, but having grown up, he has since delegated his wishes to his subordinates.
  • Patrius - Patrius, also known as the Patriarch, is a powerful entity with an imposing will. He has numerous demi-god followers known as the Ayud, one of which named Armonia descended to Khyorgan and began a divine lineage in Polvora. Thus, Patrius is responsible for forging the Covenant of the Patriarch Spirit. Some other gods criticize Patrius for being a micromanager, but despite his wrath, Patrius cares deeply for mortals, especially the innocent. Patrius also tends to see things in black and white, and he introduced the concept of good and evil to Maximus.

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