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A geographical map of Bythigir

Bythigir is a large Ether island, it has a small variety of biomes. There are several tribes and two powerfull nations on Bythigir, these 2 nations fight for control of the Meteor Hills and the Mithril Hills, despite this most battles are fought in the Jawmouth Mountains.


Arthak's RockEdit

Arthak's Rock is a small island in the southwest, it is the smallest region in all of Bythigir. The 3 islands around Arthak's Rock are inside the region's boundaries. It consist of a total of 5 provinces. The only form of civilisation that can be found here are some Human tribes and Wood Elves.


Dragonspike is a region in the northeast of Bythigir. It is bordered by the Dragonspike Wall and home to the Arokhviru Empire. The Dragonspike Mountains house a large number of Dragons, some of them tamed by the Arokhviru Empire while others are feral beasts living in the unreachable parts of the mountains.

Ironplane ValleyEdit

The Ironplane Valley is the largest region, it is in the southeastern corner of Bythigir. It is named after its abundant deposits of Iron. Ruins of large cities dot the area, marking the destruction Sunsitzeagal caused to the plane of which Bythigir was once a part.


Jawmouth is the central location on Bythigir, the fight between the Arokhviru Empire and the Atreidos Magocracy has taken place here mutliple times. It houses the Jawmouth lake and -mountains.


The Mistbanks are the collection of all snowy regions, it has received its name due to the fact there is always a thick mist. Creatures such as the Mistbank Hunter make it unsafe to trvale through the mist, only those who live here know how to navigate safely through, this has proven to be the main reason why the Arokhviru Empire hasn't invaded the Atreidos Magocracy who live here.

Thambor IslandEdit

Thambor Island is a large island that is part of Bythigir, while largely unexplored some say it is doomed and that those who travel beyond the known boundaries fall into the Ether.



Arokhviru KingdomEdit

Atreidos MagocracyEdit