Byn'makha are a race of semi-aqautic sapient reptiles from islands south of Khyorgan. The Empire of the Red Tower colonised much of their homeland and took them as slaves, most of their population now lives within the monarchy of Amicalis, often making livings as fishermen, whalers, sailors and navy soldiers.

On average, Byn'makha are 7 feet tall and blue, green, or brown in colour, matching the water in and around their tribe's homeland. Byn'makha age slowly, reaching maturity by age 30, being the equivalent of a 70 year old human at the age of 160, and dying between age 220 and 240.

Byn'makha have long, somewhat thin snouts for catching fish, powerful tails and limbs, and hard scales around as strong as tin.

Many of the Red Tower slavers were elves, as most of the military and oligarchy were, leading to a Byn'Makha hatred of Elven people and culture.

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