Burges Men-Women

"In the midst of hardtimes. The Burges thrived through tirckery and deceit. Enslaving those they crossed, and crossing all"

-The Nationalities of Seylandor (Book)

From the cospompolitian empire of the Burgess Empire, the Burges are one of the most educated, wealthy, militaristic nationalities in Seylandor. Burges are also known for their discipline and training in their armies. Due to their early mastery of navigation, they quickly took power over the seas.

The Burges are also known for their strong economy, polygamy, and slave-labor, which has made them not only a threat but a major player on the world stage.

Bruge and the Burgess EmpireEdit



Burges are regarded from other races by their pale skinned features, dark to black hair as opposed to other nationalities. Burges have sharp faces, notably more than other nationalities. In the empire, if they are not part of the military, they serve as traders, stewards, and craftsman - which are skills that they thrive at, especially in their cosmopolitan society.

Accepting slavery and polygamy, families average 12 to 20 people (not including slaves) and can average higher for wealthier and more honored families. Burges, seeing themselves as superior to all other races, often name their citizens in a latin convention.



Society and CultureEdit








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