Boegaden, is a region located north of Amicalis and south of the Gomchar Sea. Boegaden is largely made up of swamps, bogs, marshes, flood-meadows, bayous, and muskegs.

Boegaden is inhabited by the Haazrade, a sapient race of primitive, muscular, mammalian creatures with tough, earth-toned skin and squarish faces.

Boegaden in controlled by the Haazrade Confederacy, which exerts control over the entirety of Boegaden.


Boegaden is covered in wet, swampy terrain and shallow, forested bodies of water interspersed with temperate forested dry land. Fog and rain are both frequent in Boegaden, and the latter frequently causes flooding of some temporarily dry flood-meadows.

Boegaden is full of dangerous quicksand and diseases carried by small insects of the swamps. Some insects can grow to be extremely large and may attack anyone who wanders into their territory outright.

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