The Black Coats Police Force is one of the four branches of the Black Coats and publically acknowledged by the Vardura Kingdom. It consists of several sub-branches each with a specific task.



  • Black Coats City Police Force: Responsible for maintaining the law in cities, many cities have asked the aid of the Black Coats through their regent and have swapped it for their own militias.
  • Black Coats Riot Control: The Black Coats Riot Control is mostly only active in the more larger cities when unrest is high and the regent fears an uprising. This sub-branch is partially merged with the BCCPF meaning that many of the Police officers have a standard Riot Control training. While Riot Control units can be stationed in every city their armouries are only located in the larger cities where the numbers of officers is much higher to protect their equipment.
  • Black Coats Anti-Smuggle Brigade: The BCA-SB is responsible for countering the large smuggling-network in Vardura. The regents came to an agreement that accepting bribes is allowed as long as 60% is donated to the treasury. The remaining 40% can still be a large amount in some instances causing many of the brigadeers to work harder than usual. About one tenth of the total amount of brigadeers works as a cleric to keep track of the bribes to ensure that the brigadeers pay the 60% and don't become corrupt.

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