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Battle of a Thousand Downfalls
One of the Okotsu Oragon destroying the outer wall of Tiyan to meet the countering army of the Kodai Empire

Type of conflict:


Starting Year:

Ending year:

Location of conflict:


Parties involved:

Kodai Empire, Okotsu Oragon

Reason for conflict:

Killing of the Okotsu Oragon performed by the Kodai Empire

End result:

Downfall of the Kodai Empire

"It was a foolish action for the Kodai Empire to hunt down the Okotsu Oragon, gods do not bleed..."
Kiyo Komine, Shika (historian) of the Tomi Clan

The Battle of a Thousand Downfalls was the name given to the short war between the Kodai Empire and the Okotsu Oragon on Tokara which started after the Last Kodai Emperor ordered his generals to hunt them down. The war lasted only 3 months before the Okotsu Oragon had emerged as the victor, the final battle fought was the Siege of Tiyan where the remainder of the Kodai armies tried to counter their enemy.

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