The Isle of Armathane is an isolated fortress built in the harbor north of Arnich. It is mainly used to control the flow of travelers arriving by sea but predominantly functions as a defensive fortress in times as war, as well as a breakwater and canal entrance during the rain seasons.

Nicknamed "The Chains of Meretta", the Isle controls two large dam doors on either side of the port that open and close from large, iron chains that cross over head. Despite its more modern aspect, the Fortress has stood on Armathane for over 800 years and originally used hardened stone and obsidian chains. Armathane is decorated on the outside and inside with murals of sailing ships carrying fish and passengers and the words "Our Guard Is Eternal". and in recent years has adorned the outside with gibbets and crosses for traitors of the city of Arnich as a warning for newcomers.

It is home to the Religious Order of The Swords of Meretta.

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