Aria Shadewood



Date of Birth:

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Moon Elf






Lacyttoft, Republic of Mirannas


Aria Shadewood is a gifted wizard, and close friend of Alban Gisilfrid. Born in Lacyttoft to a pair of moon elf wizards, her parents were killed by a small band of rogue pirates who left hiding long after the end of the Northern Pirate Exterminations. Traveling a long way, she found herself in Gislitoft, where she was found and cared for by the family of Alban Gisilfrid.

When Alban was outcast due to his lack of nautical know-how, Aria joined him and his sister when they left.


Early LifeEdit

Aria Shadewood was born to a pair of skilled Moon Elf wizards, in the magic-user-dominated city of Lacyttoft. She had a happy, privileged life for some time, until she was around 12, when the town was attacked by pirate raiders. The pirates managed to get into the city, and killed Aria's parents. The last thing her parents told her to do was get as far from the city as possible, so she ran for some while, before getting lost in the wilderness. After being lost for days, though, she finally found her way to Gislitoft, before, being tired and hungry, collapsing from exhaustion on the outskirts of town.

Life with the GisilfridsEdit

When she woke up again, she found herself in a small house, being cared for by a human family. After she told them what happened, the family took Aria in. She became fast friends with the 13 year old son in the household, Alban Gisilfrid. While he would occasionaly show off to her how well he can handle a crossbow, she'd show him a few of the magic tricks her parents were able to teach her before their demise.




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