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The Appius Dynasty was the third dynasty under the Andavronian Empire's existance, it started with Viruvius Appius and ended with Imperiosa Appius and Maro Appius. It was at the end of this dynasty that the law was applied that a female emperor is forbidden in the Empire.

This was due to Imperiosa's great expansionist dreams that were impossible at that time, while she still conquered large amounts of land there was internal strife both in the senate and the population, Imperiosa did not care about the Empire, she cared about her own might and ambition. When she was thrown from the throne her son Maro was crowned emperor but when the senate noticed that her mother had indoctrinated him too much and kept convincing him to continue her dream he was executed in front of the people from the capital Aradesh.

Imperiosa escaped death by fleeing from the Empire's troops, her whereabouts are unknown.

Known Appius EmperorsEdit

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